This is the part where we keep talking about ourselves (just hope not to bore you too much).

TUS is a full-service marketing firm that helps brave companies emphasize their strengths and elevate their brands. We have an insane passion to grow businesses by merging insight and intuition, analysis and creativity to design integrated and highly valuable advisory services.

After an inspired and far-sighted (excellent too) dinner on a midsummer night, the two founders envisioned to pioneer a consultancy company capable to merge the past and the future. An unusual firm to easily surf the rapid changes of the digital millennium without giving up the solid fundamental marketing principles of the past, rooted in deep strategic insights.

So here we are: mixing a potent combination of solid marketing strategy with a generous splash of unconventional creative juices and blend in data-focused, customized solutions.

We have an agile smart structure reducing complexity and boosting effective results. We operate at the speed of this hyper-connected world. Our team is a perfect mash up of strategic thinkers, analytical wizards, visionary creatives and ingenious nerds, rooted in deep methodological insights. With two old yet bold solid founders dealing with several pawing young talents (what a volcanic diversified combination!)

TUS is uniquely positioned to take on very specific brand business issues or needs and solve them with proven methods, without losing our distinctive “unusual” approach. 

Our ambition is to always merge intuition and insight, creativity and analysis to design integrated and highly creative consultancy: ideas delivering results for our clients. We create solutions that are bespoke but proven and always measured.

So… that’s who we are. We are partners, we are bold, we are peculiar, we are nimble, we are pioneers. We are… The Unusual Suspects.

Oops! We were about to forget. Just one more thing (we swear it’s the last one). Since our start, we’ve lived and worked by a simple code. Three guiding principles that can’t be captured in any flowchart. But that resonates at the core of all we are and all we do. Driving our culture. Inspiring our work.


We are a courage-led marketing firm and we aim to fundamentally disrupt the way outdated consultancy behaves. We embrace diversity encouraging each of us to be himself, with his craziness and uniqueness. Still, there’s one common feature: we wake up every morning with the goal to have fun while bringing added value to our customers.


We are the green sheep that stands out from the crowd: curious explorers always eager to persistently experiment. We believe wild creative fun and bold subversive thinking go hand in hand with success, so we always bring both to the table. We are passionate to provide disruptive ideas driving us from traditional solutions to very unconventional ways out.


We exist to challenge the established status quo, evolving consultancy into a (r)evolution. We believe in being a real partner for our clients rather than an acquiescent “yes man” agency. We are not afraid to say “no” with courage and competence when this leads to successful results. We are a client-centric firm driven by boldness. Expect the unexpected!

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